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Ben Nye Primary Crème Face and Body Paint Makeup Palette (6 Colors)

by Ben Nye

Ben Nye's Creme Makeup has intense pigmentation in a smooth creme formula.

  • Description: This makeup provides consistent application, blending, versatility and durability. The Primary Creme Palette includes six essential paint shades for face, character or body painting. The palette also includes a useful flat brush.
  • Colors: RCL-1 White, RCR-01 True Red, RCL-19 Blue, RCL-5 Yellow, RCL-211 Kelly Green, RCL-29 Black, in a metal palette w/ flat makeup brush.
  • Size: 1 oz. each (75-300 applications).
  • Suggestions: Your choice-powder between each color if you want separate colors (as in clown makeup) or apply the colors and let them blend at the edges before powdering.

How to Use:

  1. Using a brush or a makeup sponge, spread a thin layer of the color on your face or body using a stroking motion.
  2. These crème colors are set by filling a powder puff with translucent theatrical face powder. (Grab both sides of the puff and rub them together using a back and forth rubbing pattern. When almost all of your powder seems to have disappeared into the powder puff, you are ready to begin.)
  3. Pat the filled powder puff until all the makeup is set.
  4. Dust off the excess powder with a powder brush and use a slightly damp cloth to remove extra powder that might dull colors.
  5. Crème colors can be removed with a creamy makeup remover like Albolene.