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Graftobian Clown Makeup Kit

SKU 88850

Complete kit for clowning around!

  • Description: This Graftobian Clown Creme Makeup Kit includes everything you need to become a clown even a red clown nose! 
  • Size and Coverage: Plastic box includes- 6 Color Clown Cream Color Wheel (Red, Black, Yellow, Blue and two Whites), Translucent  Face powder, Powder Puff, Black full length pencil, Full length brush, 3 Foam Wedges,1.5 inch Red Goshman Foam Clown Nose and Complete Step-By-Step Instructions in Full Color on how to create the Clown look. This kit is good for 15-20 applications.
  • This Clown kit makes it easy to create the look because it was specially designed for someone who has never done clown makeup before, and needs all the essentials to put on the face.
  • Suggestions: As the finishing touch, you may spray your hair a wild clown color or adorn a clown wig. Select a suitable clown costume for sale or rent, or find bright oversized clothes at a resale shop. There are no rules accept to have fun!

How to Use:

  1. The first thing a clown must do before actually applying the clown face is to design the face.  
  2. After designing your face, Graftobian’s instructions are included in each kit and are easy to follow to create your design.
  3. The makeup is most easily removed with a cream makeup remover (not included in kit) or a cold cream treatment.
  4. Once all makeup is carefully removed, gently wash with soap and water.