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Ben Nye Clown White Makeup

by Ben Nye
Choose Ben Nye’s Clown White’s makeup preferred by the professionals for it's supple texture and bright white finish.
  • Description: The  stunning white formula has a soft, easy to apply texture and bright, long- wearing finish. This highly pigmented formula covers instantly and blends smoothly for long-wear. 
  • Size:  Clown White-.65 oz. jar, 1.75 oz. jar, 2.25 oz. jar, 8 oz. jar and 16 oz. jar (5-10 faces per ounce).
  • Makeup Tip: Try a thin layer of cold cream under the Clown White for ease of removal.
How to Use:
  1. Using a makeup sponge, spread a thin layer of clown white on your face using a stroking motion.
  2. Even out the clown white by patting the foundation with the make up sponge.
  3. Set the clown white by filling a powder puff with super white or translucent theatrical face powder. (Grab both sides of the puff and rub them together using a back and forth rubbing pattern. When almost all of your powder seems to have disappeared into the powder puff, you are ready to begin.)
  4. Pat the filled powder puff lightly onto the clown white makeup until all the makeup is set.
  5. Dust off the excess powder with a powder brush.
  6. Finish your Clown Face by painting on other colors with a brush or use a cream pencil.
  7. After each color, you need to "set" the color. Use your neutral set face powder and powder puff to lightly press the powder into the color. Setting each color as you use it prevents your colors from smearing or blending into each other.
  8. Clown white can be removed with a creamy makeup remover like Albolene.