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Ben Nye MagiCake Aqua Face Paint Makeup Palette

by Ben Nye

This Ben Nye face paint makeup palette is a favorite among designers and professionals for bright, rich body and face paints.

  • Description: These Ben Nye Makeup Magicake Face Painting Palettes come in 6 and 12 color palettes, that provide the essentials to design virtually any makeup. The professional metal box is ideal for face painters and artists on-the-go.
  • Colors: CFK-6 (Six Colors) .9oz.  Net Wt. Shades: RM-1 Cloud White, RM-5 Bright Red, RM-7 Azure Blue, RM-9 Sunshine Yellow, RM-112 Kelly Green, RM-3 Licorice Black.
  • CFK-12 (Twelve Colors)  1.7oz. Net Wt. Shades: Six shades listed above, plus RM-62 Cosmic Blue, RM-108 Lime Green, RM-129 Royal Purple, RM-16 Hot Pink, RM-17 Bright Orange, RM-195 Honey Brown. Flat Brush #7 - 5-16" is included in each palette.
  • Coverage:  (25-100 applications per color).
  • Suggestions:  Try spraying your completed design with a spray sealer like Final Seal to keep it water-resistant and smudge-proof or try substituting LiquidSet in place of the water when a smudge and water resistance finish is preferred.

How to Use:

  1. Dip brush in water and use the face paints like water colors.
  2. Keep a cup of water handy to rinse out the brush between colors.
  3. Remove with soap and water.