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Graftobian Face Paint Makeup Glitter

SKU 96112
Color: Black Opal Confetti

The ideal Powdered Glitter for use with face painting makeup!

  • Description: Graftobian’s Face Painting Glitter is great for that extra shimmering effect to all your face painting designs. This very fine textured glitter from Graftobian is made from a cosmetic grade polyester mylar glitter dust, so you get excellent smooth looking results every time.  Powdered Glitter can also be applied directly with fingertips, a cotton swab, a small brush, or just sprinkled on!  The possibilities are endless, and you are only limited by your imagination.  
  • Colors: Opalescent, Silver, Gold, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Fuchsia, Purple, Pink Opal, Black Opal Confetti, Turquoise, Sea Blue or Light Violet
  • Size: 1/8 oz. screw top containers. Carded with instructions.
  • Perfect for a variety of uses:
  • These powdered glitters are also ideal for applying over freshly dried Colored Latex to create a variety of fantasy designs.  
  • They are simply great to use as a finishing touch to airbrush temporary tattoos.
  • When added to Graftobian’s GlitterGlam Clear Mixing Base, this Glitter Powder will give you fabulous Eye and Lip Sparkle for high profile events such as cheerleading competitions.
  • Mixing Powdered Glitter with Magic Set Mixing and Lining Liquid creates a quick drying, glittery lining liquid.
  • The glitter can also be sprinkled into hair after spraying the hair with any ordinary hair spray or mixing it in your hair gel or mousse to give sparkling highlights to your hair.  
  • Sprinkle it over wet nail polish for glamorous looking nails. 

How to Use:

For face painting:

  1. Sprinkle the glitter onto a design while it is still moist using your fingers or a dry brush.
  2. Blow or brush off the extra powder.

Or :

  1. Load a  #4 round brush with face paint. 
  2. Dip wet brush into glitter. 
  3. Paint face paint and glitter onto skin in one motion, pulling the glitter off the brush and onto the skin with a slight rolling motion of the brush.
  4. Practice with various levels of moisture on the brush to accomplish this technique. This is the safest method for applying glitter to designs on the face.