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Ben Nye Coverette Concealer

by Ben Nye

Ben Nye Coverette is the ideal concealer for birthmarks and certain skin discolorations.

If you don't like it, cover it up.

  • Description:  The Coverette Cover-up Series is often recommended by doctors and "Camouflage artists" to cover scar tissue, birthmarks and post-op skin discoloration.
  • Colors: CC-0 Ultralite, CC-1 Ultra Fair, CC-2 Fair and CC-3 Medium.
  • Size and Coverage: .3oz. (50-200 applications)
  • Suggestions:  Any of the Ben Nye .3 oz. concealers and neutralizers can be screwed together to create your own customized stacks.

How to Use:

Concealers should be applied before the foundation.

  1. Apply with a flat or dome brush.
  2. Blend.
  3. Powder lightly before applying foundation.
  4. For intense discoloration, carefully apply additional layers of neutralizer as needed then foundation.