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Ben Nye Fresh Scab Makeup

by Ben Nye

Ben Nye’s Fresh Scab simulates aged, dried blood clots.

  • Description:  Fresh Scab has a brownish-red blood color when dried. This blood completely dries if not put on too thick or just the top layer sets if put on thick. This stage blood is corn syrup based .
  • Size and Coverage: 1 oz., 6 oz., and 16 oz. jars. (10-35 applications per ounce).
  • Suggestions: I use this blood on stage if I want blood on a garment or an actor that  I do not want “sticky” with stage blood. This dries much better than stage blood.

How to Use:

  1. Use  makeup spatula to fill wounds, or drag with a stipple sponge aross the skin for "road rash" effect.  Spread it on “bloody” costumes with a sponge or spatula.
  2. It can be removed with soap and water but, it may stain so test it first.