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Ice FX Frost and Snow Makeup Starter Kit

SKU ICE-1- Starter Kit

Need to create a frosty, frozen fiend…chill a cheekbone or shiver a shoulder?

  • Description: These Ice FX products are used by many makeup artists and special effects artists to create realistic snow /frost makeup.  Ice FX makeup can be used to create iced, powdery and slush effects. It is formulated to be used alone or with other theatrical makeups.
  • This starter kit contains enough material to execute a single complete character or to expert with various frozen effects.
  • Size: This kit contains 1- ¼ oz. tube of ice gel, 1- .35 oz. packet of large ice crystals, 1- .35 oz. packet of medium Ice crystals and 1- .10 oz. packet of .10 oz. ice powder and instructions.
  • Made in the USA.

How to Use:

  • Ice Gel- a water-based mild gel that sets up quickly but can be peeled or washed off. The Ice Gel has a blue/green hue that contrasts with the Snow Frost that is suspended in the Gel. Ice gel is used as a foundation or to suspend the Crystals and Powder.
  • Ice Crystals- realistic looking crystals that will adhere using the ice gel. Two sizes of crystals give a more realistic effect when mixed together.
  • Ice Powder- similar to ice crystals but in a powder form for a frosty look. Sprinkle over the ice gel.
  • Ice FX can be gently peeled off the skin or is completely water washable if needed.
  • It is safe for use on skin as well as hair.
  • Ice FX and powders may also be used in non-consumable food styling, on props and in home or set décor.