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Kryolan Menthol Tear Stick

by Kryolan
SKU 3005

Produce real tears with the Kryolan menthol tear stick.

  • Description: A Tear Stick is a wax stick containing menthol and camphor in a lipstick tube. When applied under the eyes, real tears will be produced.
  • Size: 4gm, hundreds of uses.
  • Suggestions: Start with only a tiny amount of tear stick under your eyes, and add a little more if the tears do not flow within a minute or so. Applying a larger amount of the tear stick will cause more tears, and a smaller amount will cause fewer tears.

How to Use:

  1. Apply Tear Stick to the skin about 15 mm (1/2’’) below the eyes.
  2. The warmth of the skin will release the menthol and camphor vapors, which will rise to the eyes and produce tears.
  3. Remove with a baby oil or olive oil saturated cotton ball.