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Kryolan Mastix Spirit Gum

by Kryolan
SKU 2111

Mastix spirit gum adheres fast and it's easy to apply.

  • Description: TV Mastix Spirit Gum from Kryolan is an adhesive made from natural resins. It has a thin consistency that was developed for film and TV making it suitable for lace hair goods. Mastix Spirit Gum has a clean matte finish after drying and will not show up during filming or photo shoots or shine under stage lights.
  • Size and Coverage: 1 fl.oz. in glass bottle with brush, 40 plus applications.
  • Suggestions: Mastix Spirit Gum dries quickly making it great for touch ups or shorter term holds. I would only use this Spirit Gum with small prosthetics that need quick and easy removal. Be aware this adhesive will not hold prosthetics on for long stints.
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How to Use:

  1. Apply a light layer to the skin at and slightly above where the lace wig edge or appliance will hit the face.
  2. Wait about 20 seconds and gently  tap the spirit gum with your finger or a red rubber round until tacky.
  3. After tackiness is achieved, attach the lace or appliance.
  4. Gently remove the lace or appliance and use Kryolan Spirit Gum Remover to remove the residue from skin and lace.