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Fake Gentleman's Mustache 2011 - 100% Human Hair

by Rubies
Sold out
SKU 2011-BLK
Color: Black

Because it's made of human hair, this fake stage mustache is very realistic.

  • Description: This gentleman's moustache is a very nice quality moustache. It is cut very straight across and can be trimmed to size to fit your face. It is hand tied on sheer lace and slightly waxed.
  • Colors: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Medium Brown, Light Brown and Blonde
  • Size: One size. (This moustache measures about 4’’ wide and 1’’ tall)
  • Human Hair
  • Spirit Gum or Toupee Tape is needed to apply this moustache
  • Wig Color Swatch Numbers: Black (#1), Dark Grey (#34), Light Grey (#51), Medium Brown (#6), Light Brown (#14) and Blonde (#22).
  • This moustache can be gently cleaned with 99% alcohol or gently washed in a bowl filled with warm water and a couple of drops of a gentle shampoo. Wash, rinse, style and set flat to dry. Re-wax as needed when dry. These moustaches can be curled with a small mustache curling iron.
  • These moustaches coordinate with Rubie's Beards