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FX Transfers Fake Bullet Wound - Capped

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Easily apply these fake bullet wound makeup prosthetics. 

Realistic wounds that apply using water!

  • Description: Easy to use, these gun shot wounds blend seamlessly into your skin. These 3D transfers look extremely realistic, need no extra adhesive and are latex free. All you need is scissors, water and your imagination!
  • Includes: Four “capped gun shot wounds.
  • Size: One size (These wounds range from ¾” to 1 ¼”).
  • Pro Tips: All you need to do is take a few minutes and watch the 3D FX Transfer video Capped. (You Tube video) It tells you everything from how to open the package to applying the 3D FX Transfer and dressing it.
  • 3D FX Transfers are the revolutionary prosthetic for your Halloween Costume or special event. No need for sticky glues anymore. These 3D transfers apply with water and are latex free. They look extremely realistic and blend seamlessly into your skin. You can use any kind of makeup that is a creme, liquid, water or alcohol activated. Fake Blood on these 3D FX Transfers will help achieve those realistic looks. Don't go to this year’s party with those hard to apply makeups that end up itching and falling off half way through the evening. Use the Tinsley Transfer 3D FX Transfer this year!
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