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3rd Degree Silicone Modeling Compound

by Alcone
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Here is the ultimate injury simulation product on the market

  • Description: Third Degree is a truly unique two-part silicone modeling and casting compound. It sets in less than five minutes, it is clear which can be colored with silicone pigment or makeup (A little color goes a long way, don’t over do it on the color, you want to keep that translucent “skin” look). This silicone product is used to create wounds and deep gash effects on the skin. It can also be glued to the skin using itself as the adhesive. Effects can be peeled off and used again.
  • Alcone's Third Degree Prosthetic Makeup is used to create wound and deep gash effects on the skin. It is also used by many famous television personalities to hid flaws in the skin. It's very versatile!
  • Color: Clear
  • Sizes: The 2oz kit includes 1 oz. of Part A and 1 oz. of Part B with instructions. The 4 oz kit includes 2 oz. of Part A and 2 oz. of Part B with instructions.
    • THIS IS THE REAL STUFF USED ON MOVIES ALL OVER THE WORLD. Have fun working like a pro!
    • Make sure you do not cross contaminate (get any A in the B jar). Once the A and B touch each other, they begin to curing or harden. You material will be useless.
    • The only thing you need to remember is avoid contact with latex! Platinum silicones are usually very sensitive, and exposure to latex (in a dried or liquid form) can result in the silicone not curing properly. This is known as inhibition, and usually occurs on a surface someone has touched using latex gloves. As a result, if you do ever need to wear gloves make sure you use Vinyl and not latex!
    • .Application:

    1.) Prep the skin

    To prepare the area for application, clean with toner (witch hazel). This will help the product adhere to the skin better.

    2.) Work quickly

    Once the A and B touch each other, they begin to cure or harden. It sets up in about 5 minutes.  I have worked with it before and 5 minutes is plenty of time to create a small wound, but only mix what you need at the moment.

    3.) Don’t use latex

    3rd Degree is silicone based and it will not cure (harden) if you use latex sponges or touch with latex gloves.

    4.) Do not cross contaminate

    The two parts of 3rd Degree will start to cure on contact with each other. To avoid ruining either jar, make sure your tools don’t introduce one product into the other.