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Ben Nye Creme Personal Kit

by Ben Nye
Color: PK-4 Olive:Deep

Ben Nye Creme Personal Kits assure each actor the benefit of strict hygiene at an affordable price!  Get several applications with each Ben Nye personal theatrical makeup kit.

  • Description:  Generous supply of the makeup components adequate for several rehearsals and performances. These kits perform brilliantly on stage, at dance recitals, choral groups, and in front of the camera with their practical makeup basics. The highly pigmented, smooth-textured creme foundation and contour palette with shadow, highlight, rouge and lip color, apply easily and can withstand the rigors of heat, intense lighting and high energy performances.
  • Kits and Foundations in Kits:
    • PK-0-Fair: Lightest (KF-0 Fair Lightest )
    • PK-1-Fair: Light (KF-1 Fair Light)
    • PK-2-Fair: Medium/Tan (KF-2 Fair Tan)
    • PK-3-Olive: Medium (KF-3 Olive Fair Medium)
    • PK-4-Olive: Deep (KF-4 Olive Deep P-127)
    • PK-45-Brown: Light (KF-45 Brown Light P125)
    • PK-5-Brown: Medium (KF-5 Brown Medium MHK-11)
    • PK-6-Brown: Dark (KF-6 Brown Deep MHK-18)
  • Size: Each kit contains Crème Foundation, Palette with Highlight, Shadow, Rouge and Lip Color, Face Powder, Eye Pencil, Flat Brush, Powder Puff, Sponge Applicator and Stipple Sponge in a plastic case.
  • Suggestions:  Baby wipes make great makeup removers and are an affordable solution for a large cast.

How to Use:

  1. Apply an even coat of foundation over the entire face, using the sponge applicator and a patting motion and blend into the neck.
  2. Once a foundation is applied, use the lighter and darker colors in the palette to emphasize or create highlights and shadows such as age lines. Be sure to blend highlights and shadows well.
  3. A little color is needed on the cheeks and lips because stage lights tend to wash out the face.
  4. Apply blush with a soft hand using the sponge applicator.
  5. The lip color can be applied with the small brush. Line the eye and use the lighter and darker colors in the palette as eye shadows.
  6. Powder to Set.
  7. Remove with cold cream or a creamy makeup remover like Albolene (not included.)