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Classic Straight Wig in Grey

SKU lac-hip-gry

A Classic Straight Wig in Grey is so versatile.

  • Description:  This silky, synthetic wig has long, straight, salt and pepper hair sewn onto a net cape and features a plastic center part for added realism. This wig can be worn down, pulled into a low, loose pony tail, braided into a low back braid or twisted into bun.
  • Color: Salt and Pepper Grey
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Fiber:  100% Synthetic Fiber.
  • Length:  33’’
  • Manufacturer: Lacey Costume Wig
  • Cap Style: Net cap with elastic on the back to accommodate different head sizes.
  • This wig is completely washable: Fill a sink or tub should be filled with lukewarm water. (Any temperature higher than that can damage the wig’s fibers.)  The wig should be submerged in the water, so that all of the hair, along with the wig cap, is completely wet. Once removed from the water, add a small amount of gentle shampoo should be added to the water and mixed in. The wig can then be gently agitated under the water to ensure full distribution of the shampoo. Carefully rinse the wig in under cold water. The direction of the water flow is crucial in order to maintain a smooth and silky wig. The water should flow in the direction of the wig’s hair, from root to tip. If water flows in any other direction, tangling can easily occur. The wig must be rinsed thoroughly, to ensure that no shampoo is left in the fibers. Let the wig air dry. Do not rub, squeeze, twist or wring hair. Do not brush or com the wig until completely dry. Do not use curling irons, blow dryers or electric rollers on synthetic wigs.