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Graftobian Colored Liquid Latex - 8 Color Options

SKU 88562blk
Color: Black

Liquid Latex is available in vivid colors for fun character or fantasy designs!.

  • Description: Graftobian Colored Latex is bold and rich with color and has excellent elastic properties allowing for ease of movement and comfort. These liquid latexes are available in 2 sizes and they all have the highest elasticity of any liquid latex on the market. Once applied, these fantasy designs can walk, dance and even swim with you so long as they don't get heavy friction. Once the application is dry it can be sprinkled with glittered powders and dusting off the excess.  To remove after applying to skin simply lift up an edge and slowly peel it up. 
  • Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Blue, Light Flesh, Green, Red, White and Yellow.
  • Sizes: 1 oz. bottle with brush or 8 oz. bottle. (An 8 oz. bottle of liquid latex will cover not quite half a body, or just the arms and legs with 2 thin coats.)
  • Warning: Do not use if allergic to latex.
  • Suggestions:  Keep out of hair and clothing or any cloth surfaces.  Liquid Latex will bond to body hair, avoid getting latex on hair. Shave or use a light coating of vegetable oil on areas like eyebrows or a bald cap on your head first!
  • Latex surfaces like to stick to each other if coming in contact with each other, so it is vital that you seal your finished product with a powder such as Graftobian Translucent Powder or a fixing spray such as Graftobian Makeup Setting Spray to the latex surface to prevent sticking.

How to Use:

  1. Apply a light coat of a good moisturizing lotion before applying the liquid latex to a large area of the skin.
  2. Shake the liquid latex bottle very well.
  3. Then apply a thin coat of latex with a foam brush or sponge. (These tools must be immediately washed in soapy water.)
  4. A blow dryer is also very handy if you plan on applying multiple coats of latex to get your desired look. Latex, even when dry, will still be slightly "tacky" to the touch. For example, if you apply liquid latex to your arm, and then bend your arm, the coating will tend to stick to itself where the lower arm meets the upper arm. Try our Shyne Polish from Brand X to keep the latex from sticking to itself.
  5. To remove, simply scratch loose an edge and peel off.