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Creepy Clown Vinyl Half Mask

SKU 39342

This clown mask is plain creepy!

  • Description:  This Creepy Clown half mask is a good way to scare your friends! This vinyl mask resembles an older clown with wrinkles and all in faded clown white makeup  (note the acutaul mask is less white and more beige then pictured) with smudged red lip, blue around the eyes and hastily drawn black lines as well as a large red nose. This half mask only covers the top part of the face leaving the mouth free.
  • Includes: Chinless Face Mask
  • Size: One size. Fits adults and children over 14.
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • This mask has small eyeholes but you could use scissors to enlarge them.
  • Wear as is ouradd a little clown makeup on your lower face to match. Be sure to but it on sparingly to match the faded clown makeup of the mask itself.
  • Note: Masks may impair vision or hearing. Do not wear while driving, operating machinery or doing any activity in which full vision is essential.