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Ben Nye Glitter Glue

by Ben Nye
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With Ben Nye face and body glitter glue, you won't need a special adhesive remover.

  • Description: Glitter Glue keeps glitter, sequins and small rhinestones, firmly in place. Water-washable, this glue does not require a special remover.
  • Size and Coverage:  1 fl. oz. bottle w/brush (20-75 applications)
  • Suggestions:  Ideal for children or as an alternative to adhering rhinestones or sequins with eye lash glue or latex.

How to Use:

  1. Brush on a thin layer of Glitter Glue (only in the area to be covered with rhinestone, etc.)
  2. Wait about 20 seconds, then tap with your finger until tacky.
  3. Apply rhinestone, sequin or loose glitter as needed.
  4. To remove, gently peel off rhinestone, etc.
  5. Wash with soap and water.