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Mehron Liquid Latex

by Mehron
SKU 117L

Mehron flesh tone liquid latex has an unlimited number of uses.

  • Description: Liquid Latex is used to apply crepe hair and prosthetics or to create unusual skin textures. It also can be used to cover modeling wax. It can also be used for smoothing out edges on pre-made prosthetics or bald caps or it can be applied to the skin to create blisters and wounds.
  • Color: This latex dries to a light beige flesh tone.
  • Size: 1 fl. oz., 4. 5 fl. oz., 9 oz. and 16 oz. bottles (8-20 applications per ounce).
  • Suggestions: Keep out of hair and clothing or any cloth surfaces. Liquid Latex will bond to body hair, avoid getting latex on hair and shave or use a light coating of vegetable oil on areas like eyebrows first.\
    If you are sensitive to latex, discontinue use.

How to Use:

  1. Apply a light coat of a good moisturizing lotion before applying the liquid latex to the skin if covering a large area.
  2.  Shake the liquid latex bottle very well and then apply a thin coat of latex with a brush or sponge. (These tools must be immediately washed in soapy water.)
  3. To create wrinkles, pull the skin outward during application and drying.
  4. Powder lightly. Release the skin.
  5. To create a cut, paint on a wide stripe of latex the length of the scar.
  6.  After it dries, roll the edges towards the center and coat with another layer of latex.
  7. A blow dryer is also very handy if you plan on applying multiple coats of latex to get your desired look.
  8. To remove, simply scratch loose an edge and peel off.