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Graftobian F/X Gelatin Special Effects Makeup

SKU 88605

Use F/X gelatin special effects makeup for how to make fake wounds and burns.  Want the look of a mangled face? Here's the fast and simple way to achieve it!

  • Description:  Graftobian’s F/X Gelatin is a quick and easy way to create burns, scars and torn skin.  This Heat and Serve product is easy to use-simply heat it up in the bottle, test it on your wrist, then squirt it on the skin, blend it and mix it and let it set.
  • Colors: Each kit includes 3 colors, light flesh, blood red and mucous clear.
  • Size:  Kit includes 3-2 oz. of F/X Gelatin in Flesh, Blood Red and Mucous Clear as well as instructions for use.
  • Suggestions:  Add  more blood products if desired for more realism. Do Not microwave F/X Gelatin- set it in hot water.

How to Use:

  1. Simply heat bottle in microwave for 30-36 seconds until F/X Gelatin is fluid (test temperature on wrist to make sure it's not too hot for your face or other body location.)
  2. Apply color(s) to desired area and shape, swirl, mix etc...until the F/X Gelatin has cooled.
  3. Once F/X Gelatin has cooled, it will stay in place, but it will remain very flexible.
  4. Peel off to remove.