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Intensive Care Temporary Tattoo Kit

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SKU TR-108

These gashes and gouges give you a realistic bruised and beaten look.

  • Description: Seventeen different wound tattoos help you create the ultimate accident victim with amazingly realistic effects. Layer the wound tattoos starting with the bruises simply using a damp cloth, then next add the open cuts or scrapes on top or next to the bruising. Complete the pictured look by adding bandages and Fake Stage Blood (not included).                                   
  • Includes: 6 various size bruise tattoos, 4 open cut tattoos and 7 scrape tattoos on one sheet and instructions.
  • Size: One Size. (The bruises tattoos range from 1’’ to 3 ½’’ long, the open cuts tattoos are ¾’’ to 1 ¼” long and the scrape tattoos measure 1’’ to 1 ¾” long).
  • Made in the USA.
  • Tinsley Transfers use only the highest quality ingredients that are safe for the skin and are FDA approved. However, if you have sensitive skin or may be allergic to adhesives, we recommend avoiding application.
  • These tattoos can last and still look realistic up to 5 days after application depending on the location of the tattoo, the care taken and how active you are with them on. For the best results, avoid applying the tattoos to “high use” areas such as hands or areas that clothing may rub against.
  • Pro Tip: Use a little KY Jelly or Glycerin to add shine and sweat.