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Jack Sparrow Bandana with Dreads

by elope
SKU 250162

Wear this Jack Sparrow bandana with dreads alone or under a pirate hat. 

Sail the Caribbean with this Jack Sparrow bandana with dreads and steer clear of the Davy Jones and the Kraken.

  • Description:  This comfortable cotton bandana comes complete with 18’’ dreadlocks as well as beaded braids to capture that renegade pirate look.
  • Color: Dark red, black hair attached.
  • Size: Fits adults and kids 8 and up (scarf ties in back for complete adjustability).
  • Fabric: Cotton, Polyester
  • Licensed by Disney
  • Costume suggestions: Jack Sparrow, Pirate
  • This the perfect wig/scarf to wear under a hat as it does not add bulk under your pirate hat.