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Kaleidoscope Glasses

Color: Black Frame

These Kaleidoscope glasses are a pure trip!

  • Description: All the rage, these Kaleidoscope Glasses have faceted crystal lenses and black or clear frames and they are awesome. They’re glasses are very similar to looking through a kaleidoscope with a lot of facets and the world is at the end of it. Not for the faint of heart, these multi-faceted glasses will alter you view of the world and are only to be worn while being stationary (See Warning Disclaimer).
  • Includes: One pair of glasses.
  • Colors: Clear lenses, black, white or clear frames.
  • Materials: Glass Lenses and plastic frames.
  • Warning Disclaimer!

  • This is a novelty product, these are not meant to be functional eyewear. They are no way protective, corrective, or tested as such. Use at your own risk and keep your own safety and the safety of those around you in mind while wearing. These will absolutely distort and impair your vision. Never wear while operating any form of transportation, only wear while stationary and in a safe location.

  • Add a bit of dimension to your life and grab a pair of clear lens Kaleidoscope Glasses. These futuristic glasses enable infinite visual sensations through multi-faceted clear glass crystals and are meant for fun.