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Knight's Sword

SKU 21146

Slay dragons, rescue maidens, and save the day!

  • Description: Are you tired of dragons flying attacking your kingdom, kidnapping your princesses and simply ruining your day? Grab your trusty sword and fight this evil dragon! This light weight plastic Knight’s Sword is just such a weapon. It features a double-edged shiny silver blade, an ornate bronze/ gold painted hallow plastic hilt with crest and a filigree-embellished hand guard.
  • Includes: A sword.
  • Color: Silver blade and bronze/ gold hilt.
  • Size: One size. (The sword measures about 25’’ long in total length and the blade itself measures 18 ½’’ long.)
  • Materials: Hard Plastic
  • From the Tales of Old England collection.
  • Does not include Knight Costume.
  • Caution: These swords are toys and are designed for pretend play. Do not use these toys swords against any living objects.