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Kryolan's Torey Professional Makeup Brushes

by Kryolan
SKU 4301

Outstanding makeup brushes for many and various applications at a great price!

  • Description: Torey Makeup Brushes are made with a top-quality Japanese synthetic fiber by selected craftsman. One of the chief characteristics of Torey Brushes is that they absorb only a little make-up at a time, which means they are economical in consumption of makeup products.
  • Suggestions: Have several brushes on hand. Start with flat brushes as they are very versatile.

Size:    Brush 4301- Size 1 Round
             Brush 4303- Size 3 Round
             Brush 4305- Size 5 Round
             Brush 4302- Size 2 Flat (3mm)
             Brush 4304- Size 4 Flat (5mm)
             Brush 4306- Size 6 Flat (6mm)
             Brush 4308- Size 8 Flat (7mm)
             Brush 4310- Size 10 Flat (10mm)
             Brush 4312- Size 12 Flat (12mm)
             Brush 4314- Size 14 Flat (13mm)
             Brush 4316- Size 16 Flat (14mm)
             Brush 4317- Size 28 Flat (15mm)