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Patriotic 80 Gram Chandelle Boa


Celebrate the Fourth of July in style!

  • Description: This 80 Gram Patriotic Chandelle Feather Boa is perfect for finish your red, white and blue costume for this year’s holiday festivities. Wear it as a feather boa draped around your shoulders or sew it onto your costume for a great finishing touch. Chandelle boas are made from turkey feathers that are split in two and stripped from their stems. They are then dyed a brilliant red, blue or white and then hand sewn onto a cotton cord making them ideal for cutting into smaller pieces without unraveling if you decide the full 6 feet is too long for your use.
  • Colors: Individual feathers of red, white and blue are mixed into this boa.
  • Size:  One size-Each 80 gram Feather Boa measures 72’’ long and  measures approximately 8-9’’ wide.
  • Note: Did you know feather boas can be washed? Yes, swish it around in cold water that you have added a drop of shampoo. Rinse in cold water. Pat the wet boa between towels to remove excess water then air dry using a hand held hair dryer set on hot. It will fluff right back up.
  • Hint: Let your boa breath! A boa may look thin and flat right out of the package so let it hang and air out. Usually the boas need to be hung up for 48 to 72 hours before use. The longer you hung them the better they look.