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Roman Cloak Pin

by elope
SKU 14234

This Roman Cloak pin can turn a piece of fabric into a cloak!

  • Description: This hand forged looking roman cloak pin can be used to hold a cloak on or just as a decorative item, it is perfect for re-enactment, SCA or LARPing. With a cloak pin or penannular brooch, the pin is pushed through folds of the cloth, which are then pulled back inside the ring; the free end of the pin passes through the gap in the ring. The pin is then rotated around the ring by 90 degrees or so, so that as long as the pin is held down by slight pressure it cannot escape over the flat ends, and the fastening is secure
  • Includes: One cloak pin.
  • Colors: Antique bronze.
  • Size: One Size. (Each brooch measures over 3’’ wide).
  • Materials: Metal alloy.