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Graftobian Rubber Mask Grease Wheels

SKU 87051

Get even coverage with these Graftobian rubber mask grease wheels.

• Description: Rubber Mask Grease (RMG) is a castor oil based creme makeup product used to coat latex and foam latex appliances while protecting the piece and yielding a natural look at the edges of the piece where the piece meets the skin. RMG makeup blends easily over the latex appliance and surrounding skin area for smooth even coverage, and without the appliance absorbing the makeup. Basically, your skin has oil but latex and foam latex appliances do not and you will not get the same color on your skin and the latex or foam latex appliance without adding castor seal first or using a mask grease on the latex/ foam latex piece.

• Size and Coverage: 1 oz., each wheel contains 6 colors.

• Suggestions: Graftobian RMG is industry known as the finest of all RMG's due to its rich-creamy formula, its fabulous coverage, ease of application and consistency of color batch after batch.


How to Use:

1. Apply with a brush, sponge (wet or dry) or even your fingers for customized results and color textures . For even colors, use a latex sponge and apply and blend with a patting motion.

2. RMG makeup can be "set" with powder to remove the shine and allow for more durability in wear.

3. Any excess powder can be lightly removed with a powder brush or damp sponge.

4. RMG can be removed with a good creamy makeup remover like Albolene.