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Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette

by PPI
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Use the Skin Illustrator grunge palette to add dirt and grime effects to your look.  The colors of the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette are designed to simulate a variety of dirt, grime, and filth effects, and can be used to recreate the look of almost any dirty or soiled visage.

  • Description: "The Grunge" palette unites Skin Illustrator colors that have been used separately for years. The colors have been created in collaboration with top artisans in the industry, and have been refined on various actors for the camera. Skin Illustrator is designed to create a variety of different effects and it can be used on foam latex, gelatin, plastic, and silicone appliances.  The high pigment content provides rich color tones that stay in place and last all day.
  • Skin Illustrator colors can be activated with a spray or dab of 99% alcohol to apply and it requires very little touch up other than an occasional powdering.
  • Includes: Dark Brun, DIN, Rotten Stone, Prairie Dust, Soot, Muddy Waters, Sedona and Powder.
  • Size: 10 Color Palette
  • Two of the colors, Soot and Powder, have been introduced with the tag "fumo," meaning, "smoke." They are designed to have a serendipitous smoke quality that can be built up into overlapping patterns. Laying down layers of Soot followed by streaks of Black from the "FX" palette will introduce layering effects that add more depth than using either color alone.
  •  You must use 99% alcohol to properly activate the color pigment.  Do not use 70% alcohol, acetone, water, or any other kind of solvent.
  • Remove with Telesis Makeup Remover.