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Local Curb Side Pick Up Available-Contact Free

Graftobian Deluxe Moulage Makeup Kit

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A must have for any EMS drill!

  • Description: This kit contains the necessary moulage make-up supplies to create bruises, cuts, bloody contusions, blisters, broken bones, pale pallor, near death demeanor and all manner of accident related gore effects. Graftobian does not pad this kit with standard household items you can obtain at the corner drug store. The only supplies included in the kit are the hard to find items that will make your moulage make-up experience go more smoothly.
  •  Includes: We supply you with a nearly indestructible sturdy aluminum professional make-up case filled to the brim with moulage MAKE-UP! (See list in Product Details below.)
  •  The full retail value of all of the components in this kit is $1127.00.
  • Includes:  A Professional Zuca Pro Artist Make-Up Case w/ Wheels with:
    9 -1 .5 oz. Creme Foundation- Natural Bronze, Red , Yellow, Blithe Spirit, Bleached Bone, Warm Honey, White, Black, Ebony
    5 -.25 oz. Creme Lining Shade Deep- Misty Blue, Thunder Grey, Forest Green, Maroon, Dark Purple
    4 - Full Size Liner Pencils - Black, Red, Charcoal Grey, Medium Brown,1 Pencil Sharpener
    6 - Flat Economy Brushes,1 Flat (1/8") Make-Up Brush, 1 Flat (3/16") Make-Up Brush, 1 Flat (5/16") Make-Up Brush,1 Round (1/8") Make-Up Brush
    1 - .75in Deluxe Powder Brush,1 - 1" Deluxe Powder Brush, 5oz. Face Powder-Translucent
    12 pack of 2" Satin Topped Powder Puffs, 32 pack of White Sponge Make-Up Wedges,1 - 12/Black Stipple Sponges
    1 - 1oz. Liquid Latex Clear,1 - 8oz. Liquid Latex Clear
    3 - 1oz. Colored Liquid Latex- Red, Dark Brown,  Black
    1 - Appliance Make-Up Kit
    10 - Woochie Latex Appliances- Spike, Open Wound, Injured Nose,  Assorted Cuts (3 pc.), 2 - Bullet Hits (3pc), Glass Attack (3pc), 2 - Single Compound Fractures, 2 - Double Compound Fracture
    3 - F/X Gelatin 2 oz. Lt. Flesh, Blood Red and Mucous Clear
    1 - 1.75oz. Modeling Wax ,1 - 7oz. Modeling Wax
    1 - 1oz. Flexible Wax Sealer ,1 - 1/8oz. Black Tooth Wax
    12 - 4cc Blood Gel Packs,1 - 1oz. Blood Gel,1 - 8oz. Stage Blood, 1 - 1oz. Blood Paste, 3 - 8g. Magic Blood Powder Shaker
    1 - 1oz.Spirit Gum,1 - 8oz.Spirit Gum,1 - 8oz. Spirit Gum Remover
    1 - 2oz. Setting Spray, 1 - 8oz. Make-Up Remover
    1 - 2oz. Liquid Pain & Sorrow (Sweat & Tears)
    1 - Single Blade Mixing Spatula Stainless Steel, 1 - Double Blade Modeling Spatula Stainless Steel, 1 - 3x5" Stainless Steel Mixing Palette, 1 - 6" Stainless Steel Scissors
    2 - Empty Stock Container - 1oz Jar w/cap, 2 - Empty Stock Container - 1oz. Bottle w/cap, 2 - Empty Stock Cont. 1oz. Botl.w/Brushcap, 2 - Empty Stock Container - 2oz. Bottle w/ cap, 2 - Empty Stock Cont. 2oz. Spraybottle
    25 - Makeup Instruction Sheets

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