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T Rex Hat

by elope
SKU 250600

This T Rex Hat will surely get you all the laughs and make you the life of the party this year. 

  • Description:  If you want to stand out in a crowd of typical off the shelf costumes, this T-Rex Hat will make you really stand out in a nerd-tastic way. This fully lined hat can be worn alone or to top off your T-Rex costume. This hat features alligator like print velvet fabric, an open jaw with big white vinyl teeth and realistically detailed dinosaur eyes.
  • Includes: T Rex Hat
  • Color: Green
  • Size: One size fits most children and adults (Up to 22 1/2’’) due to the ingenious size adjuster tab inside the hat.
  • Materials: Printed velvet, cotton, tricot, EVA and vinyl.
  • On top of the T Rex hat in itself being awesome, it has a secret pocket inside the hat to hold keys or ID and the pocket has a fortune hidden inside.
  • With this hat you will be the King of the dinosaurs. Pop this hat on, put on a long sleeve green shirt, pull in your arms so they look really short, stomp around and roar, you now have become the feared predator the T-Rex.