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Victorian/Colonial Mob Cap

SKU 17042

A mob cap was required dress for a woman or girl in the colonial era.

  • Description:  A mob cap protected a woman's hair from dust when she went outside and from smoke and grease when she was indoors. This white mob cap is trimmed with 2 ½’’ lace trim. It is a versatile hat for a variety of time periods and characters - from maids to peasant women.
  • Color: White (Note: The lace trim has some silver thread in it.)
  • Size: One size. (Elastic makes it fit all head sizes from children to adults).
  • 18’’ Diameter.
  • Cotton with Polyester Trim.
  • Costume Suggestions:  Colonial Women, Mother Goose, Seven Maids a Milking, Maid, Servant.

    A mob cap or mob-cap is a round, gathered or pleated cloth bonnet consisting of a caul to cover the hair and a frilled or ruffled brim.