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Clear Transparent Young Woman Mask

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This translucent young women mask will turn heads.

  • Description: Have a clear, shiny complexion in a second with this Translucent Young Woman Mask. Ok, maybe a really shiny complexion but it turns heads when people see it. This quality clear plastic mask is formed into an attractive female shape then tenderly painted to indicate beauty makeup such as  eye shadow, eyebrows, blush and lipstick. The translucent effect allows your own features to peak through but in a bizarre plastic way.
  • Size: Adult Size that fits most adults.
  • Made of a Clear Mid-weight Plastic
  • Suggestions: Wear this mask all night long. It has comfortable breathing holes and allows the wearer to drink through a straw (how lady like). Add your own clothes but complete the look with a long wavy wig to hide the thin elastic band the goes behind the head to keep the mask securely in place.