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Wig Caps

SKU WC600P-blk
Color: Black

Wig caps help your hair to stay put and keep your wig anchored to give a more realistic look.

  • Description: A wig cap adds comfort and coolness to your wig wearing experience. It helps flatten your natural hair, ensure a secure fit with or without pins. Hair pins can be used on the wig cap without damaging it. These wig caps are individually packaged.
  • Colors: Light Brown (Beige), Brown or Black.
  • Size: One Size. (Stretchable to fit all head sizes).
  • Nylon
  • Made in the USA.

Prepping your hair for a wig under the wig cap and pinning on the wig-

  1. Make 3 pin curls around face. Make one at each temple and one at the forehead. (Take a small section of hair (about the width of a pencil). Wind the section of hair around your finger until you have a coil of hair snug against your head.) Secure the pin curl flat to your head by using two bobby pins crisscrossed in an X.
  2.  Divide the rest of hair into sections and cross or pin curl as flat as possible around head.
  3. Leave out hair at nape to make 2 pin curl just as you did in front.
  4. Pull on wig cap so that it it is slightly past back from the hairline and pin the wig cap into the 5 basic pin curls (front and nape)using small hair pins.
  5.  Put on wig
  6.  Pin wig on into pin curls with large hair pins. For a tight fit, overextend the pin. Push the pin through the edge of the wig, facing down than turn the pin so it faces up and pin through the pin curl. (This locks the pin in place).