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Graftobian Face Painting Book and Starter Kit for Beginners

SKU 94002

Graftobian's face painting starter kit and book is perfect for beginners.

  • Description:  This combination pack gives you both the Volume 2, 60 page manual on the use of DISGUISE STIX Face Painting Make-up and a Starter Set which includes one of each of Graftobian's top six colors of Mini Disguise Stix (White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green) and a small brush.
  • Size:  60 page, full color manual, 6 Mini Disguise Stix and 1 Brush.
  • Suggestions: Here's the trick: wet stix/dry sponge!! That's the way to get concentrated coloring onto your sponge. If you dip the sponge in water first, you get soap suds.

How to Use:

The full color manual will take you through the elementary and advanced use of DISGUISE STIX Face Painting Make-Up.

Basic Disguise Stix use-

  1. Dip the Stix briefly in water and apply using a dry or brush.
  2. To clean-wash sponges with gentle soap and water, rinse and let air dry.