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Graftobian Face Painting Brushes

SKU 90052

Artist detail brushes allow you to perform properly and professionally.

  • Description:  All but one sponge tipped brush, sport Golden Taklon fiber, long known for its durability, resilience and quality. They are perfect for any Face Painter from beginner to professional.
  • Size: 5 different 7’’ long Brushes - #94050-5/0 Fine Detail Round Brush, #90058- #4 Round Brush, #90052- #4 (3/16’’) Flat Brush, #90053- #10 (3/8’’) Flat Brush and #90054- #4 (3/16’’) Sponge Tipped Brush. All are individually bagged.
  • Suggestions: The Sponge Tip Applicator is ideal for adding effects such as leopard dots, or for touch up and removal work. The #4 Round Brush is the most often used brush in face painting and is perfect for outlining and even details.

How to Use:

These brushes can be used with any face paint, but are designed to be used with Graftobain Face Paint Disguise Stix.

  1. Dip the Disguise Stix briefly in water and then apply using the brush.
  2. The flat brushes can be double loaded with color. To double load, dip two Disguise Stix of the desired color in water, lay the Stix side by side and load up both sides of the brush.
  3. To clean, rinse brushes in warm to hot water until they run clean.
  4. Wipe on a paper towel to check there is no paint remaining. (If you do use soap to clean your brushes, use a gentle soap like baby shampoo.)
  5. Let the brushes dry completely before you pack them away.