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Graftobian Face Painting Stencils

SKU 90057

Create professional quality looks with Graftobian face painting stencils.

  • Description:  There are eight panels of plastic, laser cut with a variety of designs including Stars, Lightning Bolts, Hearts, Rainbows, Arrows, Lips, Clouds, Clovers and Flower Parts. These stencils can be used with any face paint, but are especially successfully when used with Disguise Stix.
  • Size: 8 Panels (2 ½’’ by 4 ¼’’) of flexible, reusable transparent blue laser cut plastic in a plastic bag.
  • Suggestions: Since each plastic sheet offers several designs, you may choose to mask off certain designs with masking tape if your application requires.

How to Use:

  1. If using with Disguise Stix, dip the Disguise Stix briefly in water and apply using a dry sponge wedge.
  2. Just place the stencil against the skin and press the coloring through the opening of the stencil onto the skin.
  3. Let dry a few moments and remove the stencil, and the painted design will remain.
  4. The stencils can be wiped clean between uses.