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Fake Puff Cigarettes - Box of 144

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  • Description: These ultra-realistic looking cigarettes not only look real, but release a realistic puff of smoke when you gently blow into them! Each fake cigarette looks just like the real thing including a simulated lit tip but they contain no tobacco. They are filled with talcum powder and have cotton serving as a filter. You blow gently on the cigarette to create a powder cloud that resembles smoke. (You get 10-12 good puffs per cigarette.) These fake cigarettes include a tip of red mylar (a shiny foil-like material) and a bit of fake ash, which reflects light and appears to glow.
  • Includes: A box of 144 fake cigarettes.
  • Size: Each fake cigarette measures 3 ¼’’ long.
  • These prop cigarettes are realistic enough for high quality stage productions, but are also economical enough for low production theater & school plays. 
  • Hint: You can refill fake cigarettes in a pinch, if you are careful. You can refill them with talcum powder if you carefully remove and replace the cotton filter.
  • Warning: Keep away from flame. Do not inhale!