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Fake Cigar with Smoke Effect

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Use this fake stage cigar with smoke and the audience will think it's real!

  • Description: This brown fake cigar is extremely realistic. The ash on these novelty cigars glows, giving the illusion you are smoking a fine stogy. They contain no tobacco but instead contain a light talcum powder that you blow out, making a cloud like smoke. Each Fake Cigar creates about 10-12 good puffs before the powder is used up. The tips glow because they are made from a shiny mylar like paper covered with a light ash and when light hits them they reflect the light and look like they glow.
  • Includes: One Fake Cigar. 
  • Size: Each fake cigar measures 4’’ long.
  • These Stage Cigars come individually packaged. (Each piece in blister card packaging.) Discounts on 12 or more.
  • These prop cigars are realistic enough for high quality stage productions, but are also economical enough for low production theater & school plays. 
  • Warning: Not to be lit or used near flame. Not to be inhaled.