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Fake Stage Cigarettes


Get a discount on fake stage cigarettes when you buy in bulk.  Just say no to tobacco cigarettes, especially on stage!

  • Description: Say yes to Puff-Puff Stage Cigarettes.  Smoke with no fire. Simply blow into these props to produce the illusion of a burning cigarette. These fake cigarettes that are filled with a cotton and a light powder. You blow gently on the cigarette to create a powder cloud that resembles smoke. (You get 10-12 good puffs per cigarette.) These fake cigarettes include a tip of red mylar (a shiny foil-like material) with ash-like material overtop of it to imitate a lit ember. When light hits the mylar, it reflects light and appears to glow.
  • Includes: These stage cigarettes come two in a package.
  • Size: Each fake cigarette measures 3 1/4" long.
  • We also offer discounts on 12 or more packages.
  • Great for use as a stage prop.
  • Warning: Keep away from open flame and do not inhale powder. Blow to create smoke. Not intended for children under 14 years old