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Graftobian Crepe Wool

SKU 88718
Color: Auburn

Make your own fake beard in a few easy steps and it is half off for a limited time!

  • Description: With 12 colors to choose from, you can create a custom beard that looks genuine! Sold in 1 foot lengths, crepe wool hair is made from mohair wool fiber and comes braided into lengths of "rope". It is the classic substance from which moustaches and beards, etc. are made. It is really easy to use, watch our how to video under the "How to Use" tab and see for yourself.
  • Colors:  Black, Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Lt. Grey, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Lt. Brown, Auburn, Dark Brown/Grey, Lt. Brown/Grey, Blonde, and White.
  • Size and Coverage:  Sold by the foot (pictured are Rolls of 1 yard (3 Feet) of Crepe Wool. (Order 3 if you want a yard length).
  • A Moderate Length Beard takes at least 1'- 2' of Crepe Wool.
  • This imported English Wool Crepe (also known as Crepe Hair) is the classic substance from which moustaches and beards, etc. are created by make-up artists all over the world. 
  • Suggestions: The hair will be very kinky when you first unwind it and needs to be straightened out if you don't want it to remain that way. (Traditional straightening can be achieved by soaking the uncut crepe hair in very hot water and then hang it up to dry over a sink or shower. The weight of the water will pull the hair straight as it evaporates. Crepe Hair can also be force dried by loosening the braid and lightly wetting the hair then ironing it with an iron set to 'wool' (Use an ironing cloth as not to scorch the Crepe Hair). Don’t straighten the hair too much. Facial hair is rarely completely straight.

How to Use:

  1. Unravel a small section of the crepe wool and cut it to the desired length.
  2. Apply a thin coat of spirit gum to the chin area.
  3. Press the hair to the face with a wooden cuticle pusher, or the end of a makeup brush. (Do not use your fingers because the adhesive is very sticky, and your fingers would pull away the hair.)
  4. Each thin layer of hair should be layered over the previous section of hair to cover desired area and build thickness. 
  5. When complete-trim the beard and moustache to the desired length. For realism, the hair should be sparse and evenly applied.