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Fake Walrus Mustache 2014 - 100% Human Hair

by Rubies
SKU 2014-BLK
Color: Black

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  • Description: This Colonel Major fake Walrus mustache is a very full, large mustache. It is perfect for that rough and tumble cowboy look. It is lightly waxed and twisted into slight curls at the end and can be trimmed to size to fit your face. It is hand tied on sheer lace.
  • Colors: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Medium Brown, Light Brown and Blonde
  • Size: One size. (This moustache measures about 5  ½’’ wide and 1 ½’’ tall)
  • Human Hair
  • Spirit Gum or Toupee Tape is needed to apply this mustache
  • Wig Color Swatch Numbers: Black (#1), Dark Grey (#34), Light Grey (#51), Medium Brown (#6), Light Brown (#14) and Blonde (#22).
  • Mustaches can be gently cleaned with 99% alcohol or gently washed in a bowl filled with warm water and a couple of drops of a gentle shampoo. Wash, rinse, style and set flat to dry. Re-wax as needed when dry. These mustaches can be curled with a small mustache curling iron.
  • These mustaches coordinate with Rubie's Beards