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Billy-Bob Teeth Thermal Beads

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Reuse your Billy-Bob teeth with extra thermal beads.

  • Description: Every set of Billy-Bob teeth come with thermal plastic beads for application. If you messed up the first, second and third time trying to get the perfect fit, never fear, extra thermal beads are here!
    From the makers of Billy Bob Teeth, this little bag of extra thermal fitting material will give you enough thermal beads to try again and again. They are especially helpful if  you feel you need them to re-mold an older set of teeth. 

  • Includes: A packet of thermal-plastic beads and instructions. 

  • Easy to use: Heat with hot water, roll into log, press into the Billy Bob dentures, take a bite (See "How to use" for more details). 

  • An affordable way to fix up your Billy Bob joke teeth, Secure Smile or Vampire Fangs!
  • Keep out of reach of small children.

How to Use

  1. Empty the packet of fitting plastic (White beads) into a cup of very hot water.
  2. Once the fitting plastic turns clear, remove with a spoon.
  3. Form the clear plastic into a “worm” shape with your fingers.
  4. Press the “worm” into the troft of the teeth (Press the plastic so it reaches into the 3 small holes to keep it secure.)
  5. In front of a mirror, use both hands to force the Billy-Bob teeth over your teeth.
  6. Use your thumbs to press the plastic up behind your front teeth for a secure fit.
  7. Gently ease the Billy-Bob teeth out of your mouth with a downward motion and let cool for about 10 minutes. (Do not let the teeth cool in your mouth.)

Additional Directions: The directions that come with the beads tell you to put the beads in very hot water. By very hot, they mean almost boiling. I first put the beads in very hot water and they never turned clear. I had to almost boil water and put them in there to get them to turn clear which happened pretty quick. When you put the beads in, they all sink to the bottom of your cut. The directions tell you to scoop them out with a spoon. A little helpful hint... stir your cup of water with your spoon and all of your beads will bunch and stick together. Then you can just scoop them out in one clump.

Suggestions: Place the Billy-Bob teeth in the hot water (But don’t let them touch the beads) to soften them up before you add the fitting plastic to help curve the teeth to fit you better. You can also place the teeth with the fitting plastic back in hot water to soften and re-fit if they don’t fit perfectly the first time.