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Foothills Custom Fake Vampire Fangs - Sexy Bites


Sexy Bites are the hottest thing in fangs!

  • Description: These small and petite Sexy Bites Vampire Fangs have a different curved shape and smaller size but the same custom designer fit for your teeth as well as the traditional Vampire Fangs. Foothills Fangs are still the best, most comfortable, fitting fangs on the market and still the only one to use a custom partial plate mold over more than just one tooth so they do not fall out, and they match your natural bite perfectly!
  • Size:  One size.
  • Includes: Two plastic fangs (The fangs measure about 1/2’’ long), thermal-plastic for adhering them and complete instructions.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Do not use over braces or Crowns.
  • When you follow the instructions your fangs will fit your natural bite. You'll be able to speak naturally and even enjoy cold beverages.
  • Your fangs are custom molded onto your teeth with NON-TOXIC APLHA ONETM THERMOPLASTIC (no awful smelling, tasting or mixing of chemicals here!).
  • You can remove the thermal beads and re-heat them as needed but we also sell extra thermal beads, just in case you need to create a new fit on old teeth.
  • Fitting Instruction Video.

How to Use:

  1. Fit each Fang up into your canine teeth. If the top edge of the Fang goes above your gum line, cut and/or file down the top edge of the Fang to fit your gum line.
  2. Place ½ of the Thermoplastic granules into a spoon. Heat a coffee mug full of water to boiling. Immediately, slowly dip the spoon Thermoplastic into the hot water until it melts and becomes clear.
  3. Quickly dip fingers and thumbs into the hot water to moisten them. Then roll a daub of the Thermoplastic between your thumb and forefinger.
  4. Place the daub into the cavity of the Fang and make a wing from the top of the daub going back towards your pre-molars.
  5. Immediately, forcefully push the Fang straight up into your canine tooth. Quickly knead the excess Thermoplastic back around your 1st pre-molar (and 2nd pre-molar if necessary), making a thin molding around your teeth.
  6. Keep biting and clenching your teeth to create a natural bite with the Thermoplastic.(It is very important to do while Thermoplastic is still soft, for a perfect bite)
  7. After completing these steps, leave the fang appliance in for 3 minutes so that the Thermoplastic will harden.
  8. Remove the Fang appliance. Gently put the nail of your forefinger over the top of the appliance and pull outward & down. Do not remove the Fang appliance by grabbing the Fang as it may separate from the appliance. Finally, remove Fang appliance from your mouth and allow it to air harden. (Make sure that you remove the new Fang appliance within 5 minutes of first installing the Fangs or it will be difficult to get out.)
  9. Repeat with other tooth.