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Teeth for Pumpkins

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 This Halloween, give your Jack-O-Lantern something to smile about with PUMPKIN TEETH - there's nothing else like it!

  • Description: Makes your Jack 'O' Lantern look cool, scary, and sharp without having to be a professional carver. Pumpkin Teeth are long white plastic teeth that you can embed into your pumpkin (or gourd, melon, whatever you want!) They come in packages of 16 small, 12 medium or 8 large . Mix or match 3 sizes of 3 styles (buck teeth, fangs and glow in the dark fangs).
  • Colors: White, Glow in the Dark
  • Size: Small (1'' Teeth), medium (2'' Teeth) and large (3'' Teeth)
  • Styles: Fangs, glow in the dark fangs, buck teeth.
  • Small, medium and large sets of Pumpkin Teeth allow you to create awesome, scary designs regardless of the size of your pumpkin.
  • A new and exciting way to allow kids to be more involved in the carving and creative process of their jack-o-lanterns.

    Reusable! You can reuse Pumpkin Teeth year after year after year.

    Create traditional teeth, shark rows, vampire fangs, or any arrangement you like.