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Scarecrow Fake Deluxe Vampire Fangs - Shredders

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Fit Scarecrow fake vampire fangs to your teeth in minutes.

  • Description: Don’t just bite, shred them! These fangs are intense! Shredders Deluxe Double Custom Fangs are a set of two single fang caps that fit over 2 teeth and appear to be four fangs (the classic vampire tooth and the one just in front of it). These fangs are fully customizable to your teeth. They can be fitted to your teeth in minutes and once customized, the shredder fangs fit with a unique mold of your tooth inside that allows you to snap them on or off, quickly and easily 
  • Includes: Everything you need to make a custom mold of your teeth to fit the caps is included in the Coffin Box; customizing molding material, a stir stick and detailed instructions for application. All you need is a mirror & paper towel or tissue.
  • Coverage: Enough dental-quality molding materials to mold both fangs twice if needed.
  • Size: One Size.
  • Now available to the public who want a realistic looking fang. These natural color double fangs are beautifully contoured to fit your teeth. Scarecrow Vampire Fangs give you the best hi-definition quality realism that professional TV & film make-up artists, actors and stage performers depend on. 
  • Not recommended for children under 14 or to be used with braces or crowns.

How to Use:

Everything is included in the coffin shaped box, including 2 fangs, molding materials, stir stick and detailed instructions for application. All you need is a mirror & paper towel or tissue.

  1. Pour powder from one capsule into the deep side of the carry case.
  2. Add 7 drops of the liquid onto the powder.
  3. Stir with the stick provided for 10-15 seconds until the mixture is uniform.
  4. Scoop the glob of material into one fang.
  5. Gently push the fang all the way up onto your tooth, attempting to locate the best position in one motion.
  6. Leave it on for 5 minutes so it can harden.
  7. With the first fang in place, position the next fang in a mirror.
  8. Orient this fang relative to the first so that it has a similar angle and looks natural. (After you practiced putting it on accurately, repeat the application process.)
  9. When you are ready to take them off, gently push your lower teeth forward against the backside of the fang tips until you hear a slight click. Then wiggle and pull gently with your fingers until they loosen up and can be removed.