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Basic Balloon Sculpture Book

SKU 5431
Get instructions on how to make balloon animals with this basic sculpture book.
  • Description: The perfect balloon manual to learn the art of balloon twisting. Here is an illustrated book of easy-to-make balloon sculptures for children and adults. Once you learn the basic twists and locks, you will have fun using your animals, hats, and designs for birthday parties, etc. Each easy-to-learn instruction is accompanied by clear, step-by-step drawings, so that you can follow as you learn.
  • Author: George Schindler
  • Size: 96 pages. Soft cover
  • George Schindler is a professional entertainer who has also authored "easy-to-learn" books on Magic and Ventriloquism. His easy-to-follow lessons will help you learn the basics and develop your technique in the shortest possible time.