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Kryolan Luminous Cream Color

by Kryolan
SKU 1071-b
Color: Blue

For fluorescent black light makeup, choose Kryolan's Luminous Cream Color.  This is the perfect now you see it and now you don't makeup!

  • Description: Each color goes on invisible, but fluoresces brilliantly under black light, making them perfect for hidden black light effects.
  • Colors:  White, blue, orange or green
  • Size and Coverage: .5oz, covers dozens of body designs
  • Suggestions: Perfect makeup for ghosts or skull faces appearing on stage. You can mix it with your cream foundation to make it more invisible in normal light then use black light effects to have your ghost appear.

How to Use:

  1. Apply with a brush and have a hand held black light on hand to check your work .
  2. It has a water-soluble glycerin base, so it removes easily with soap and water.

Kryolan makeup is non-toxic and easy to apply.