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Kryolan Aquacolor UV-Dayglow Black Light Makeup

by Kryolan
SKU 5172-ub
Color: UV-Blue

Kryolan's Aquacolor UV-Dayglow black light makeup is perfect for glow runs or anytime you need special effect, black light color.  With Kryolan UV Dayglow black light makeup, you'll get intense glowing colors.

  • Description:  Aquacolor is a glycerin-based moist cake foundation that is especially color intensive, with a glycerin-base that applies easily using a sponge or brush.  Kryolan UV Aquacolor Face Paint is vivid in natural light and fluoresces under black light. We also included Black Aquacolor as it can be used as a contrast to the intense UV colors to make them pop even more. Ideal for face and body painters, because of their smooth consistency, they are also applicable on clothing and masks.
  • Colors: UV Red, UV Blue, UV Green, UV Yellow, UV Pink, UV Violet, UV Orange.
  • Size and Coverage: 30 ml, 2.5 oz, can cover 2-3 full bodies or 25-40 faces.
  • Each color is non-toxic and easy to apply with an only slightly moistened make-up sponge or brush. It is easily blended and remains flexible to resist cracking while drying quickly to a smudge-proof finish. 
  • Hint: After drying, Aquacolor can be gently buffed with a soft towel. Makeup Setting Spray is recommended if the make-up will be subjected to extreme conditions.
  • Aquacolor has a water-soluble glycerin base, so it removes easily with soap and water.