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Kryolan UV-Dayglow Black Light Makeup Sticks

by Kryolan
SKU 91202-b
Color: UV Deep Blue

Use Kryolan UV-Dayglow black light makeup sticks for detailed body or face painting that glows!  These black light makeup sticks are day-glow and UV reactive.

  • Description: These cream stick lipsticks provide silky smooth coverage with a fun day-glow color! The applied color is vibrant under normal lighting conditions, and literally glows under black light! Kryolan UV-Dayglow makeup sticks are also well suited for detailed face paint or body paint work. Their convenient lipstick tube applicator makes them easy to apply. 
  • Colors: UV Deep Violet, UV Orange, UV Hot Pink, UV Deep Blue, UV Yellow, UV Red and UV Green
  • Size: Net Weight 1.3 oz.
  • Note: The Hot Pink looks fuchsia on the skin, but shine bright neon pink under UV black light.